The Best Infant-Toddler Program in Preschool Jakarta

Global Sevilla

Global Sevilla – The toddler program is designed to encourage young learners from age 1.5 to 2.5 years old. The focus on the study is to introduce basic skills. Besides, the curriculum of this level is using fun and entertaining method for the young learner. The program is suitable for essential concepts before entering the next academic level. However, this excellent program only provided in Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta. Here is an explanation of the best program for children.

Global Sevilla

Introduce the Basic Skills

At this stage, children are required to recognize new things, for example, shapes, color and doing simple counting. In this case, the method used for teaching toddler should be entertaining and fun.  By using simple media or songs, it can make the learning process effective. To attempt successful skills, using a simple toy is the best selection to teach young learners. While to develop an understanding of number name, using rhymes and songs.

Communication and Language

The toddler is always captivated with language, which is why a classroom rich in the language is an essential aspect of the toddler program. To help develop language and literacy skills, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta provides a learning classroom in a significant way. For example, allow children to tell a story; it can make their ability in a language develop better. Besides that, they have opportunities to hear more vocabulary of the language.

Physical Development

Another best program to develop young learner skills is physical development. Extensive muscle development is vital at this age. Through practice skills and teach a healthy lifestyle, children can boost their physical growth. For these reasons, introducing different writing materials like crayons or markers for children can help their hand practice better. Besides, encourage children to use spoons or forks to feed them are also best for hand muscle.

Creative Arts

The creative art is one of a program that provided by Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta that allows the young children to express themselves. Creative arts engage children, bodies, minds, and body. Since the young learner is curious in many ways, this program can make children observe, move and imagine. In this case, art exploration can be done by tools including crayons, paint, markers, glue and play.

In conclusion, Global Sevilla is the best selection of institution to get an excellent program for toddler level. From this program, the young learner can develop several necessary skills, including creative arts, physical development, language skill and communication in the early stage. That’s why; choosing this preschool for your children development can give them appropriate educational focus.


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