4 Essential Reasons Why Children Should Enroll to School in Global Sevilla

4 Essential Reasons Why Children Should Enroll to School in Global Sevilla

International standard school is one of the best educations to choose from. This is because international schools have the best curriculum and teaching with effective methods. Therefore, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Barat offers the best education for early-age children. So, what makes this school stand out? The following information!

4 Essential Reasons Why Children Should Enroll to School in Global Sevilla

The Reasons Why Global Sevilla is Greatest Preschool in Jakarta

  1. Using a Special Curriculum

To teach children at an early age, the approach used is made specifically. Global Sevilla will implement IEYC (International early years curriculum) specially designed for younger students. That way, you will find a lot of activities and each goal will suit the student itself.

At Global Sevilla, the programs given to students are quite diverse. Usually, many learning activities are tailored to the needs of students. For example, the toddler class requires young learners to understand basic skills. At a higher level, pre-nursery programs are taught through arts and crafts activities. Next program, children are expected to develop self-awareness and self-confidence.

  1. Students Can Improve Personal Development

It might sound like the class was having fun and playing games, but in fact, it was much more than that. Activities that are implemented according to the needs of students. That’s why an engaging, fun, and practical learning process is provided at preschool Jakarta Barat. However, that also doesn’t mean you won’t learn anything. In this case, they need to know the other basics of knowledge.

For example, knowledge about being more independent, open, and working with other people. These personal skills are very important to form early in order to be useful for their future life. Craft, singing, and art are used to develop students’ creative abilities at this level. At a higher level, students will learn to solve problems and use logic when studying in the classroom.

  1. Students are prepared to continue to a higher level of study

Apart from providing the best curriculum, this Jakarta preschool also prepares various other programs. Includes information about the preparations that a person must have before proceeding to a higher level. Therefore, at the preschool Jakarta Barat, students are taught with an IEYC approach to help students solve problems, count, read, etc., so that they are ready to go to a higher level.

Overall, preschool programs are the best education for early childhood. Starting from 2 to 6 years, it is taught using a special curriculum, namely IEYC. Thus, students can get the most appropriate learning activities while developing their skills to support further education. Everything is provided in a fun and practical way.



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