Finding Out How An International School Jakarta Barat Highlighting Value In Teaching

Finding Out How An International School Jakarta Barat Highlighting Value In Teaching

What comes to your mind when talking about international school? Most people will say international curricula and higher standard education. Is that all? No, it is not. Global Sevilla International School Jakarta Barat proposes teaching values in their education. Why so? The school has its missions, vision, and focus on teaching values. Here are the details.

Finding Out How An International School Jakarta Barat Highlighting Value In Teaching

Why Values?

Why teaching values in school? One of the reasons why Global Sevilla takes that idea is to make a balanced education. The institution’s vision and mission are to teach students that are not only great at academics but also their emotional or psychological being. It is also believed that teaching values help them learning with happiness in their mind.

What Kind Of Values?

  1. self-control

The first value that every school need is self-control. Students are bound to feel stress, emotionally unstable. Thus, it is vital to pay attention to the students’ behavior and well-being. The good thing about teaching the self-control value itself goes to the ability to regulate their own emotion, thoughts, and behavior.

In this case, the International School Jakarta Barat highlights the sense of learning about resilience and perseverance. The students will learn how to use their logic, wits, and not depend on their emotions. Thus, it helps overcome the problems and difficulties while also prevent lashing out.

  1. compassion

The compassion values pay more attention to teaching how to be genuine and kind. It is one of the values of life that shape the sense of empathy in one individual. The value is also a grounding knowledge of no boundaries in doing noble action. Students will learn how to appreciate differences in race, religion, ethnicity, etc. Thus, they are ready to go international.

  1. giving

The value of giving will highlight the idea of helpfulness and generosity. It is a general understanding that the value will help to teach how such acts can make a positive difference and make a better impact in life. A simple act such as sharing food helps generate a sense of happiness. It is what the International School Jakarta Barat want their student to achieve.

The idea of teaching value in the school is unique. Since many people are focus on academic achievement, Global Sevilla is considered as one step ahead institution. It is not only giving a comprehensive education, but the value helps to shape up the students’ mental and behavior. That was what the modern generation need to thrive.

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