Global Sevilla - Preschool Jakarta Equipped with Incredible Facilities for Students

Global Sevilla pledges various incredible facilities to ensure the students are fully supported to experience the best learning process here. Therefore, from science to art rooms, indoor to outdoor sports facilities are ready to use for students. Here is a detailed explanation of the incredible facilities offered by this preschool Jakarta.

Incredible Facilities Provided by Global Sevilla Preschool in Jakarta

  1. Comfortable Classrooms and Various Supported Rooms

The most important rooms at the school are classrooms. It goes the same here, where the students will use comfortable yet fully equipped classrooms to support their learning process. According to the level of education, the classrooms at this preschool are designed creatively according to their needs to engage the students’ interest to study.

However, because of the range of students ages where they are very active, the classrooms are also built with safety equipment to avoid any dangerous possibilities. Besides that, the students also can enjoy other supported rooms such as a library, reading corner, sensory room, art room, science laboratory, computer laboratory, canteen, and others at this preschool Jakarta.

  1. Exciting Sports and Playing Areas

Furthermore, to support students’ development, this preschool has various facilities. For sports activities, there are indoor gymnasium, outdoor sports court, spacious field, amphitheater, and even a special swimming pool for preschool. These sports facilities are expected to help students practice and develop their interests and ability optimally.

Apart from that, this preschool also provides several playing areas for students. It aims to give them space to explore themselves through playing with peers. The school playground to the outdoor playing area is available here. Based on the principle of learning through purposeful playing, these playing areas are beneficial for their learning process.

  1. Green and Spacious School Environment

More than that, Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta has buildings and environments that are green and spacious. It is because this school believes that students will learn better in a place equipped with the beauty of nature. It will give them a relaxed and clean atmosphere during the learning, fostering their mind and feeling better to get the best result study.

The facilities for learning, playing, sports, and even the school environment provided by this preschool are very interesting. They can experience the best learning process supported by those facilities easily here. It might be the main reason why Global Sevilla is claimed as the best school for students. So that is why parents can consider this preschool the best choice.

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