Attractive Learning Strand Of IEYC In Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta

Global Sevilla is one of the international schools in Jakarta that provides education from the younger age of a toddler. It includes preschool Jakarta Barat, one of the best education degrees the school can provide. It is also because the school implements IEYC, and the international curriculum focuses on student development. In its implementation, the curriculum has its strand or principle.

IEYC In Early Years Program Of Global Sevilla

EYFS or the early year’s foundation stage is the name of the preschool program in Global Sevilla. The school fully develops its young learner education with the help of IEYC (international early years curriculum) by Fieldwork academy. It helps the school to focus on six areas of learning and development, character development, and highlight learning strands.

The learning strand of IEYC is the principle or the fundamental of the curriculum itself. The curriculum designer put certain aspects meant to highlight the importance of children’s development. So not only focus on academic abilities, both school and the curriculum have a similar purpose in supporting more personal or unique learning.

The Learning Strands Of IEYC

  1. Communicating

The preschool Jakarta Barat will combine receptive and productive skills in focusing on the communication strand. It is learning focusing on the social aspect of the six areas of development. In this case, the school has its chance in developing activities in viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing, and presenting.

  1. Independence And Interdependence

Independence strands focus on self-construal-based cognitive representation, which includes attitude, traits, abilities, and values. The school also highlights interdependent self-construal development with different points to learn. In this case, the students encourage students to learn about social roles, membership, and relationships.

  1. Healthy Living

Following motoric development, healthy living has the biggest connection between health and physical education. In this case, the school can facilitate a range of activities that help every student learn varying skills subconsciously. Students can learn with games, sports, building blocks, and others. It goes parallel with other skills in social-emotional and movement competence.

  1. Enquiring

Bringing the most engaging and attractive learning in preschool Jakarta Barat is one of the key global Sevilla succeed in young learning education. The school provides many activities that focus on enhancing their critical thinking and problem-solving aspect. It is also a strand that makes IEYC very thorough in teaching through varying art of methodologies.

Global Sevilla can be the best preschool education you can find in Jakarta Barat. The school is not only about academic expertise, but also about personal and character development. With IEYC as its curriculum, you can expect more development in communication, enquiring, living, and independence or interdependence. It is a very thorough education, so check out the school now.

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